Measuring Up

Truth. Honesty. Trust. Respect. Integrity. Honor. Loyalty.

Do these words scare you or inspire you?   For me these words have been the foundation for most of the choices I have made in my life; used by myself and those I have been accountable to judge my actions and rate my worth. And rest assured, I have not measured up.


I have often thought of my life as the Disney version of a perfect upper middle class life. My parents raised me to think we were cooler than the country club kids that were born into the silver spoon life; we WORKED for it. We put on our boots and climbed the latter to success and wealth. We were more deserving than those that were born with titles, more worldly than the WASPs, and we have the brains and agility to out perform them all.


WOW – I look back and marvel at my parents ability to make silk out of a sows ear, dairy fresh whole milk out of white crystals from a box, and make collecting garbage at the curbs of our subdivision during the warm summer evenings seem romantic and cool.


I had no idea we were poor, living in my aunts house under her grace, my father on his 17th job (because he was fired from the previous) moving again because he had been served a court order, and eating oatmeal because we couldn’t afford anything else….I held onto every single romantic story they told us, believed every false picture they drew. And that is beautiful.; I applaud my parents.


We should all try a little romantic idealism on for size. The words at the beginning of this ramble are not the rules for kings, CEO’s, and knights alone; to be used to make the rest of us aware we don’t measure up, but truths that you can choose to live by will bring peace to your soul. It doesn’t mean everything is perfect, that we wont make mistakes, fail those who rely on us, and become aware they have failed us. If you make choices that allow you to sleep each night; feel good about each day, hold your head high, and not be afraid to share with those that matter to you.. you will have lived your life well. Trust me.


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