Short story: The Little Lost Purple Suitcase

Allie and her best friend Kenzie laughed as the truck bounced over the railroad tracks. It made them bounce even higher and the cab of the truck was filled with their voices singing Christmas songs. Kenzie’s mom was driving Allie home after a fun sleepover – although not much sleeping had actually occurred!

Allie’s little purple suitcase in the back of the pick up bounced too! It bounced right out of the back of the truck into the middle of the road!

Driving behind the truck, Mrs. Johnson saw the suitcase bounce out of the truck in front of her and land in the middle of the lane. She carefully pulled over to the side of the road and got out of her car – watching the truck round the corner up ahead and disappear.

Looking both ways to make sure no other cars were coming, she went and picked the suitcase up. After thinking for a minute she placed it on the center divider in the middle of the road where it would be save and she felt sure the owner would see it when they came back looking for it. She smiled as she drove away thinking she had done a good deed.

Farmer Murphy was driving out of town after picking up more wood from the lumberyard. He had picked up more wood to finish the new chicken coup he was building. Just before getting to the train tracks he saw a little purple suitcase sitting on the middle divider of the road – how strange he thought as he slowed down to get a better look. He pulled over and picked the suitcase up and put it in the passenger seat of his truck. He would ask his wife what to do with it to get it back to its owner. He wanted to make sure whoever had lost it would be able to find it.

The next day Farmer Murphy wife took the suitcase to the local thrift store she helped out in occasionally. The store had also become the town lost and found and as she turned it over to the owner Miss Dixie, she felt sure that whoever had lost it would know where to go look.

Miss Dixie looked in the suitcase and found items that appeared to belong to a little girl: a radio, pajamas, Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, black socks with pink flowers on them, and pink toothbrush. She also found a love worn pink stuffed bunny – it had seen better days but looked very loved! There was no name or no way to tell what little girl the case and its contents belonged too.

Miss Dixie posted a note on the bulletin board, and put the case safely on the shelf with all the other lost and found items. She felt sure that the little lost purple suitcase would make it to the girl who loved it.

A few days later, a day Miss Dixie was not working, a lady came into the thrift store. Her shoes were worn and he coat was old and too big for her slight frame. She was hoping to find a Christmas gift for her grand daughter who was 10 years old and she had not seen since she was a little baby. The lady looked and looked up and down the aisle on all the shelves, until she saw the little purple suitcase. She did not see the sign that marked the section it was in “Lost and Found” – all she saw was a perfect gift for her grand daughter.

The young man working the counter was new and it has been a very busy morning at the store. He liked his job very much and was a hard thoughtful worker, so he felt proud that when the lady brought up the little purple suitcase with no price tag – he knew the price for unmarked items was a dollar. As the lady left the store with the little purple suitcase he smiled; the lady had been very happy and relieved with the price of the little purple suitcase and he felt the joy she radiated as she left the store with her prize gift.

A few days later on Christmas day, the little girl found the little purple suitcase under the tree – and she was so happy! She loved it! Image her extra surprise and joy when she opened the case to find the radio, clothes, and brush! But she was most happy when she saw the bunny – it was so cute and soft.   Its big dark eyes seemed to look at her with love and it smelled sweet when she snuggled it close. It even seemed to be smiling with its lips. The little girl hugged the bunny close and did not let her go.

That night when the lady went to tuck in her grand daughter she found her sound asleep hugging the little bunny close with a rosebud kiss on her lips. The lady felt blessed and peaceful and she watched the girl sleep.

Allie and Kenzie looked high and low for the suitcase but had not found it. Allie was sad and missed her bunny – most at night when she got in bed. She had slept with the pink bunny everyday of her life.   Her grandma had bought the pink bunny when Allie’s mother first announced she was pregnant with her older brother. The bunny was softly packed away until 4 years later when Allie was born and her mother had placed the pink bunny in the cradle with her at the hospital as her Grandma smiled over her.

A funny thing happened that Christmas Day eve – Allie when to bed sad and missing the bunny she had lost. But that night she dreamt of her pink bunny in a green field of clover with the sun shining warmly in the clear blue sky. In the dream the bunny was not a stuffed animal – she was a real, live bunny sitting quietly nibbling at the clover. Allie was in the field too – she could feel the warm sun on her arms and face. The was holding the hand of another little girl who’s face she could not see – but she knew she was good and kind. And she could feel the girl’s love for the bunny as they held hands.

When Allie woke the next morning, the sadness she had felt since the loss of the suitcase and the little pink bunny was replaced with a sense of peace. She knew in her heart that her pink bunny was ok and was being loved and held close. And as she lay there thinking about her pink bunny – she smiled.


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