True or False

At work there is a game played frequently at meetings to break the ice with groups.. it’s called True or False. Each person gives 5 pieces of info about themselves and the other people all have to guess which 4 are true and which one is false.  I almost always use the same 5 items…
  1. I’m a certified Yoga Instructor
  2. I have parachuted out of planes 3 times
  3. I had my airplane pilots license
  4. I have 4 children
  5. I had a flock of 45 chickens
Most people eliminate the yoga instructor ( I have what might be called “aggressive” personality so I assume some people just cant believe that one!) with the pilot license as a second, and the chickens in a close third.  Fact is – the false statement is the one about the kids… I only have three kids.  I usually win the game (oh, did I mention I am extremely competitive?)  I lost 6 hens this winter to age, so I added a new brood to the mix this spring, 7 Plymouth Rock hens, 5 of them barred and two buff, and a hybrid Asian Red.. which should get big and fairly fancy like my lone Brahma hen.
The ladies have grown nicely in my hatchery in the garage and were ready to move to the run this weekend.  My older hens were leary of the new visitors but have accepted the newbies with grace.  Pictures of the first meetings below.  Oh.. I added two ducks to the mix too.. more on those two babies another time!



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