Life Lessons

The other evening I called a neighbor to ask for help with something and they weren’t available. In that moment I felt very alone (because I was!) and frankly dreaded taking on the task at hand by myself. I had a little break down. But then I reminded myself that being upset wouldn’t get what needed to be done…done. So I straightened up, called my best friend for moral support, Googled the task online to make sure I was at the ready and doing the right thing, and got r done.

The task at hand was a sad one, I had to euthanize one of my beloved chickens. When it was done and I knew she was no longer suffering I gave myself a small hug and added another marble to my jar of life lessons.

I realized she was not doing well when she wouldn’t leave the coup.  Feature picture for post is her in better health.

That said.. sharing a few pictures of my ladies.. I love every single one of them.



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