Movie Reviews of movies you haven’t seen but probably should #3

Widow of St Pierre

Period movie about a woman and the men she loves. Based in France at right after civil uprising of 1848, the story takes place in a remote fishing village where everyone knows everyone’s business and the leaders rule with an iron fist. The story begins with a murder, the two fishermen who are arrested openly admit to the killing and become the talk of the small town. One dies in captivity, while the second is sentenced to death by guillotine.

The town is so small and remote it has no guillotine and the captive is held over the winter while the instrument of his death is sailed across the sea to the island. The gallant military captain who serves as village protector and warden and his beautiful wife; who is revealed to be smart and unapologetically modern, especially for the remote fishing village soon connect with the doomed prisoner. The captain’s wife takes an interest in rehabilitating the murderer and soon the relationship between them becomes much more. Though their feelings are never consummated, they are undeniable and obvious to all: her loving husband accepts her and her needs with unwavering loyalty.

The scenery of the film is beautiful, and the story romantic and tragic. The film is done in French and subtitled.. which of course added to the ambiance for me!

I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars!



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