Daily Prompt: Trace

via Daily Prompt: Trace

20 Ways to Save More than a Trace of Money each Month

The road of life includes speed bumps… health, career, relationships, and family troubles.  Hitting a financial speed bump can be scary and can quickly seem out of your control in a world were credit is readily available and buying a house at 4% interest for 30 years valued at 5x your yearly income is possible.  Loss of income or unexpected expenses can leave you looking for traces of money.  I compiled a basic list of 20 ways I have been able save more than a “trace” of money each month.  I estimated the amounts per month based on making these changes for a few months in a household of 4 people. The savings may be more or less dependant on your household (ie we have a coffin freezer in the garage that if I used all the food in could feed us for a month!)

I encourage you to try a few!  If you are in doubt, track your savings.. you may be inspired to try more by the results!  You have nothing to loose, and lots to gain!

20 Ways to Save $$



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