Is there such a thing as too cute?

Like saying something is too smart, too beautiful, too relaxed, too tasty, too rich?  What makes something too much of a good thing?


Overeating at Thanksgiving, take a risk one more time, or going for one more win at the poker table, there is no doubt you can have too much and turn something wonderful into something not so wonderful.. Like a good glass of wine, another piece of cake, one more hour on the beach, joy found can slip through your fingers with a little to much and turn good to bad.


Like a board on a triangle, balance must be found in every situation to maintain peace.  It takes effort to moderate our behaviors and reactions to beauty and things that are pleasurable; and to be able to maintain worth basic economics come into play.  The supply and demand ratios must be maintained for us to continue to find value in the things we treasure.


Like the old saying distance makes the heart grow fonder; if you have too much of anything it tends to loose its draw, becomes a little less shiny and enchanting.  Of course, I am always up to try to find the line between enough and too much!



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