Mystery Pictures #9

A Farm Girls Life

Oh my goodness, it’s been almost a year since I did one of these! I guess it’s high time for another one, huh? Eep, I’m so excited! In case you’re not familiar with these posts, here’s how they work.

I’m going to show you 10 super close-up pictures of ordinary objects, and you guys just guess what they are. Comment below with your guesses, and I’ll reveal the answers and the winners next Wednesday the 14th. Oh, and I don’t approve these comments until I reveal the mystery, just so no one gets ideas from another guesser, so don’t panic if your comment isn’t showing up. 😉 And lastly, to see my previous mystery pictures posts, click here.

Alrighty! Let’s begin!


mystery pictures 5


mystery pictures 2.1


mystery pictures 3


mystery pictures 4


mystery pictures 8

mystery pictures 9


mystery pictures 10


mystery pictures 12


mystery pictures 13


mystery pictures 14

 And that’s it!
YAY I’m so excited to read your guesses! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and thanks for reading, dears!

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