Morning walk with intention

Most mornings I take a walk on the country road I live on. Some days I have to drag myself out of the house; I know that my day will be better with a little morning wake up jog but that doesn’t always seem apparent when your body and or mind are screaming to stay in bed.

Today I was looking forward to the walk. I have just started a new book about personal energy and was looking forward to applying the insights gained reading the previous evening about the energy in all living things and how we can either block it or recognize and allow it to flow through us. I started my walk this am with the mindset to be in the moment, take in all the sights and sounds of the morning, and get out of my head and listen to the world around me.


I have walked the same road hundreds of times, walking it with open mind, senses, and heart was like being here for the first time. The air was heavy, dry, and warm, as I moved along the road I would catch a breeze that hinted at pine, then honeysuckle, and just as a drip of sweat moved down my back a cool breeze pushed up through the trees to bring relief and the smell of the river.


The birds are so busy and noisy.   I tried to separate out all their different voices, the sweet song of one, against the irritated chirping of another. Then the solid call of the bluejay, and the tap-tap-tap,tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker on a hollow tree. I have vowed for years to learn more about birds, waiting for some class or nature lecture. I could start right here on the road I lived on.

The sound of the breeze through the trees is the pervasive backdrop to all the birds conversations happening. Then there is a slight change as the wind shifts and I realize it is the crunch of a cars tires on the road, so similar to the breeze in the trees but slightly different. The air is dry so the noise carries, but soon the car roars past, maybe a hair to fast as the driver races to some where.


The taste of grit and dirt in my mouth as the cloud of dust left behind encased me. I try to hold my breath until it subsides but ike sand in your car from a day at the beach I can feel the grit on my teeth.

There is a fly buzzing around my head like a small fighter pilot circling the air traffic control tower – he stays with me even as I move. It is irritating and amazing all at once. I wonder at why this tiny being keeps circling me. He doesn’t stop to land, and he avoids the swipe of my hand. If I move faster it may stop for a minute but then start right back up. It is not the first time this has happened to me; in the afternoons I will take a walk to stretch my legs and brain and some fly will find me a buzz my head the entire time, irritating and amazing all at once!



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