Getting out of the Box

Everything we do in life involves a choice. White or wheat, left or right, get up or stay in bed.  Our days are full of choices,  and most we make out of habit.  We tend to pay more attention to our choices when we are challenged, sometimes on multiple fronts, or facing problems.  When this happens to me  I can begin to feel powerless and hopeless.  But I realized something a few years ago; the limits we place on the choices that are available to us are generally because we have fallen into a position of fear or habit.

When this happens we need to remind ourselves that we are the agents of good or bad in our own lives.  And that being a human with free will makes us able to make choices, sometimes you just have to trigger yourself into the space where you can see the choices.  The only way to realize positive change in your life is by making choices.


Here is a list of tips you can employ to help you get out of the box that you most likely have drawn for yourself:

  1. Make a plan.. this will become your map for change
  2. Start small.. this encourages you to know you can succeed and will empower you to tackle bigger goals
  3. Change your un healthy behaviors.. one at a time.  Trying to change too much can become overwhelming!
  4. Involve a support buddy.. someone who can keep you motivated and accountable
  5. Ask for support from those that care about youIMG_5003

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