Daily Prompt: Pluck

via Daily Prompt: Pluck

Pluck is a duck who happened to have very poor luck.  When he would quack it was a little out of whack, and instead of Pluck making a call like a duck, it came out as a cluck. But his vocal talents were not all that seemed lacking, he had only one tail feather on his round, white, plump backing.  And when he would waddle through the yard like ducks do, he would raise quite a stir, and the hens and geese could be heard to titter and laugh as Pluck the duck padded through.


He was always last to get up in the warm, morning sun, so while other birds enjoyed the farmers morning feast, he would be left with barely a piece.  He would stay out past dark, often creating a stir when entering the coup for the evening to lay down and sleep.  But the funnest thing that Pluck did he was not even aware, happened while he slept.  See Pluck was a duck, who happened to snore, not softly, or evenly as some of us might.  But very loud and obnoxious.. it sounded quite the fright.


He would wake all the hens, geese, and cows too; some so angry they could barely moo.  The pigs were shocked because they liked a good snort, but Plucks snoring was not the funny sort.  It put all the animals on edge, and production fell off.  The farmer was baffled and started to think, sometimes he would stand and scratch his chin til it turned bright pink. Then one night the farmer came to the barn and could hear, he was so frightened he wouldn’t come near.  He stood far away and listened for a time, than scratched his chin again and turned on a dime.

The next morning the sun shone, all was bright and clear.  When the farmer came to call he found Pluck sleeping alone, and when Pluck snorted and turned still asleep the culprit of the noise to the farmer was shown.  He woke Pluck up and said that is quite enough, the hens are not laying, the cows I can’t milk; and I see its you that has made this case tough.  Your snoring is crazy, obnoxious, and loud.  You would keep up even the most sleepy crowd.  This just wont do, I cannot bend, your unlucky days have come to an end.

Pluck was crestfallen, he knew what this meant.  He was a no luck duck and now he knew his time was spent.  Visions of duck soup swirled in his head as he rose from his bed and stretched out his head.  But the farmer was a little crazy an knew what was best, He felt that god gave him challenges, each a test.  So instead of taking the easy way out, he rigged up a gadget and gave it to Pluck to put in his mouth.  He told him to do it right before bed, and during the day so not to forget to wear it on his head.

It looked like a crown, and Pluck wore it all day.  The other animals saw and looked on in shock, the farmer had chosen Pluck to lead all the stock.  He was the King, no one could deny, and Pluck walked head high, and a gleam in his eye.  That night he slept quietly, little crown in his beak.  All was silent and good, for even the sheep.


The End


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