Live with grace.. a reminder

Word came that she had died.  The immediate feeling was one of sadness but also acceptance boardering on being glad because it had been a long time coming.  She had been diagnosed in early April, it was aggressive and untreatable; her family had said goodbye more than once when the nurses said that day was the day; and it finally ended.

I did not know her well.  She had not been kind to me in some of our interactions, and in others showed herself to be taciturn and arrogant.  But I also know that God places people in your life for a reason and I was trying to understand this lesson.  I think the lesson might have been to be graceful while maintaining my own health and self with a person that challenges how I believe people should treat people.  It was a small, distant lesson that came at a time when a similar situation presented itself in my life with a more important person that has impacted me more.


Like a sticky note.. remember how to act (or maybe more accurately how not to react.) Thank you God.. I am listening!



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