My Evening With A Glass Of Wine And A Blog Title Generator

To good to miss.. have to share!

I'm Sick and So Are You

I’m in pain tonight. It’s just a way of life now. It comes. It goes. It’s dull. It’s sharp. Like any headstrong toddler, the pain does what it does when it wants. I presume it’s a consequence of the year I spent on oral chemotherapy. The tumors in my leg are dead now, so I suppose I can say the pain is worth it.

On evenings when the pain is bad I pop a couple of Aleve, climb into bed, and hunker down. If all the neurons are firing I might use the time to write. If not, I might pour myself a glass of Pinot Grigio and watch some trashy TV. On this night, my neurons were a little apathetic, but there was nothing on TV, so I figured I ought to at least make an attempt at writing.

At a certain point, though, the wine kicked in. It…

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