The Magic of Chickens

I love my chickens; I feel a little embarrassed about admitting this because I think it probably seems a little weird to people.  I am learning that I need to let go of feeling that way.  My brain tells me, seriously Jen, WTF do you care what others think about what is important to you?  They say realization is the first step to actualization (I made this word up), so here is what I say to myself now; I love my chickens, what do you love?

I watched one of the young ones lay an egg the other day.  If you are a person that think things like giving birth (in any form) is gross.. don’t watch a chicken lay an egg.  if you are the sort of person that is curious and marvels at life; you can google it on YouTube.

Full grown chicken egg on left, young hens egg on right – amazing how their bodies ease them into laying an egg a day!

Every chicken has their own mannerisms when laying an egg.  One of my ladies is very vocal about it; clucking and working herself up until the egg comes out and she lets out a big cluck of joy.  One of the others sits breathing heavy and does a chicken version of a moan when done.

The young one I was witnessing lay an egg first caught my attention because she was standing so still in the chicken yard.  Like she was frozen in mid step.  When i approached she didn’t move, at all, which is a bit weird cause chickens tend to be fairly animate normally. he eyes were wide open, and she stood stock frozen still for at least two minutes, then bloop, and eye fell out of her back side.  eggs are amazing, the shell is soft and hardens within a two second count to what we know a shell to feel like; so i actually was able to see this one flatten slightly as it hit the ground, then form back to a hardened round egg.  When chickens start laying the eggs are smaller, this is amazing to me as well, the bodies methods of preparing the chicken for what it will do every day (or 23 hours) for the next 3-5 years.


Few fun facts about chickens:  Chickens will usually start laying eggs at about 6 months old, they lay every 23 hours during sunny warm weather and will slow if the conditions are not warm and sunny.  In winter they may stop laying all together if they don’t have enough daylight, so we actually create false daylight with lamps in the coup during the winter.  My chickens also like music, anything upbeat seems to keep them the most happy, Christmas music is a favorite, and classic rock.  They don’t like country music so much.  LOL, they are my chickens after all!


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