Shallow – NOT!

via Daily Prompt: Shallow

My 15 year old daughter asked me if god was punishing her by giving her a period twice in one month. She seemed very sincere in her ask., so I responded by asking what she had done that god would need to punish her for.

She had a small accident in my car today – as she was backing out of a driveway she scraped the car against a pole denting the entire passenger side of the car. She told me that because she had the accident she was wrong and god was punishing her.


I have felt this way at times in my life, it seems sometimes when things start going south, they tend to accelerate. There is the saying bad things happen in threes. At the company I used to run when projects were rift with challenges it always seemed they ended up getting paid late, out of terms even though the customer had no idea of the struggles we had gone through to deliver a quality product. In production operations I have witnessed over and over that when something breaks or goes wrong, it is usually the beginning of a chain of undesirable events. Bleh. I hate sounding negative but I have had to many experiences that follow this path.

First – I told my daughter that god has nothing specifically to do with her having her period twice in 28 days, that is her young developing body trying to figure out what its rhythm will be moving into womanhood. Second, I asked her what she thought she had done “wrong”? She said she had messed up the car. I told her I saw that as a mistake which is part of life and learning; but in fact I felt she had actually done the right thing. She had told me right away, offered to pay for it, felt remorseful, and shared how she felt about it all with me. I have no doubt she will learn to be more cautious as a driver; and I added for her general driving knowledge, that when you hit something in most cases the best choice is to stop moving the car if the situation allows for it. We all know that there are few young drivers that don’t have some type of accident in the learning process.  If you keep making the same mistake over and over – that would be troubling but we were not there yet.

She seemed to understand what I was trying to tell her as she turned to sulk away. I trust her to work through her feelings on this, because she is strong and smart. And it is really not a big deal in the big picture, and these experiences over time will teach her this. It reinforces to me that people make mistakes, every one of us, how you respond and move forward is what defines the type of human you are.


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