Sing Out Loud FFS

As I sat at my desk in the basement today working away on a new training video for work, I hear the crunch of the gravel under the wheels of a car pulling up our driveway.  The unmistakable sound of 80’s rock music could be heard.  I stood to look out the window and watched a middle-aged man jump from the passenger side and duck int the back of the red jeep.  He reemerged with a large carton in his hands, and as I watched he bent his head back and howled the rock music chorus to the blue afternoon sky.  He sounded pretty good.

As I stood watching he walked to the house with a bouncy in time step continuing to sing along with the song.  He looked up and caught my eye and we both nodded affirmation and smiled at each other.  He dropped the package on the front step and jogged back to his jeep waving goodbye over his shoulder.


Feeling inspired I dug through the CD’s to find my Great White CD, and worked away to the beat the rest of the afternoon, tapping my foot, singing along, and bouncing my head through the warm summer day.  Music has a way of making everything better.

I am learning to play piano; my daughter and I take lessons every week.  My daughter has been playing 12 years; She is learning a piece for a summer jazz festival that is so beautiful I cry when she plays it. Especially now that I am learning the coordination and finger dexterity of learning to play the keys.  And she will play from memory not sheet music.  It is pretty impressive.


I feel so happy learning to play music.  It is really wonderful and amazing.  I am not generally a patient or relaxed person, but I have lost myself practicing piano for an hour.  That might not seem like a long time to some people but it is for me!  And I always walk away feeling refreshed and content.  Next time you are listening to the radio, turn it up and at least hum along.  And smile 🙂



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