There is no place like home

Coming home after a few weeks away had my friends asking if I was ok.   My first Christmas without the kids, without my family, apparently made some who love me concerned.  And then I became concerned that I wasn't concerned.  I am content, sometimes happy with my new freedom from expectations and the neediness... Continue Reading →


Letting go

I have had a friend tell me that I need to loosen my grip, let go a bit.  I know I run in a higher gear than most, but lately I have realized I'm exhausted.  I know this because for the first time in my life I have found a space I can really relax... Continue Reading →

Feeling Inspired

The last few months for me have included joy, contentment, fear, anger, sadness, peace, solidarity, loneliness, love, and resentment.  I have heard people say that life is changing at a pace faster than we have ever seen before.  I bounce between feeling like I am standing in the winds of change enjoying the breeze, and... Continue Reading →

Country Roads.. West Virginia

This morning was too much.  Woke to birds singing, sunny skies, and a Starbucks coffee and fresh bagels on the counter of the kitchen, our names carefully placed with a sticky note on each container in the order of the list we had left on the counter the night before.  It's just to much ..... Continue Reading →

Long distance love..

Have you ever gone out with someone from across the state? Or what about in a different country altogether? My love and I are spending 6 weeks apart. That’s 42 sleeps. Which includes one of us travelling 17,000 kms away, to France and the UK. It doesn’t seem like much really, in the overall timetable […]... Continue Reading →

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