Living Like Today is Your Last Day

Flying home from visiting a friend today - bittersweet always.  Looking forward to being "home" and seeing my kids.  Taking a shower in my own bathroom, and making my morning coffee with my Kerig.  Miss my dogs and chickens, my pillow, and my routine.  But I am leaving behind my best friend and companion; and... Continue Reading →


The Intouchables

Out one evening having a drink, we started chatting with a few local college students.  Topics rolled thru as we conversed; one of them being how Netflix sucks in Canada compared to US Netflix.. the offerings and volume of titles being significantly different.  One of the girls spoke of how she was into classics; my... Continue Reading →

The Art of Change

Step 1: Identify what you want to change I have made plenty of stupid choices over the course of my life, and the only part of the standard definition that has been untrue is rarely have I made choices slowly.  I am quick thinking, judging, aggressive, and emotionally reactive.  It has served me well in... Continue Reading →


Dancing in the Dark

I have maintained the semblance of control my entire adult life.  I always have a plan and work to stay one step ahead to avoid time being wasted and mistakes being made.  Of course life has a way of letting you know that is not real, that you even when you plan and organize, and... Continue Reading →


The Lies I Tell Myself

I borrowed a movie from the library; one that I have wanted to see for as long as I can remember.  It is an artsy drama, award winning, a classic.  For some reason I had passed it over every time it came into my space for maybe 20+ years.  Not this time.. this time I... Continue Reading →


Little Things Count – Giving myself a break!

Have you ever woken up with the thought that you want to make a difference in the world on that day in some way, to make it better, happier, cleaner, safer, easier to exist in?  And let me be clear; I'm not talking about waking up and deciding to clean the bathroom or sort through... Continue Reading →


My Everything

"The first , My last, my everything.  You're the answer to all my dreams."  Please go listen to this Barry White song before reading this.  It summarizes what I have expected in almost every important relationship to date in my life.  And this expectation, my expectations, have sabotaged these relationships. In allowing my expectations to... Continue Reading →


The Shame of Divorce for a Woman

My divorce was finalized a week or so ago; I was shocked at the news as I listened to the VM my attorney left on my cell phone.  I'm a person that plans and preps for life; and I realized I didn't have a plan for handling the news that I was no longer married.... Continue Reading →


There is no place like home

Coming home after a few weeks away had my friends asking if I was ok.   My first Christmas without the kids, without my family, apparently made some who love me concerned.  And then I became concerned that I wasn't concerned.  I am content, sometimes happy with my new freedom from expectations and the neediness... Continue Reading →


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