Country Roads.. West Virginia

This morning was too much.  Woke to birds singing, sunny skies, and a Starbucks coffee and fresh bagels on the counter of the kitchen, our names carefully placed with a sticky note on each container in the order of the list we had left on the counter the night before.  It's just to much ..... Continue Reading →

Long distance love..

Have you ever gone out with someone from across the state? Or what about in a different country altogether? My love and I are spending 6 weeks apart. That’s 42 sleeps. Which includes one of us travelling 17,000 kms away, to France and the UK. It doesn’t seem like much really, in the overall timetable […]... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years of ‘Marital Blitz’: ‘Happily-Ever-After Doesn’t Exist’

This is inspiring!

Live & Learn

In a recent email, Suki John and Horacio Cocchi attempted to sum up their 20-year marriage in one paragraph, which read like a grocery list. It included: 8 homes, 9 housemates, 1 foreclosure, 21 jobs, 3 layoffs, 2 miscarriages, 1 birth, 3 parents and 2 friends deceased, 1 bankruptcy, 1 set of dentures, innumerable road trips, 3 days in Amarillo waiting for parts, 9 cars, 5 billion phone calls, far too many dance performances, 5 weeks in Europe, 17 weeks in Cuba, 1 summer in Vermont, 6 mattresses, 2 bread machines, 9 espresso machines, countless bottles of extra virgin olive oil, 5 tango lessons and 2 wedding rings.

The couple met 21 years ago, when she approached him in a coffee shop on the Upper West Side. “I saw him across the room and it was like a magnet,” said Ms. John, 58, who is as excitable as her wild…

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Sing Out Loud FFS

As I sat at my desk in the basement today working away on a new training video for work, I hear the crunch of the gravel under the wheels of a car pulling up our driveway.  The unmistakable sound of 80's rock music could be heard.  I stood to look out the window and watched... Continue Reading →

Because Monday

Just says it all 🙂

I'm Sick and So Are You

As you may already know, we have moved, and the tedium of transferring my life from one state to another has officially entered the doctor phase. You’d think I’d go for the oncologist first, but it’s not that easy for me. I’ve got other medical issues that have caused my body to go haywire besides the tumor. Since the tumor appears to be dead now, it’s going to have to wait its turn.

Just let that sink in. I’ve got so many issues I have to set the rare tumor on the back burner to take care of other shit that’s more pressing. If I were a car I’d be a Ford Pinto.

Given that I have no thyroid function, I kinda need the meds to like live and stuff. I’ve only got 30 days of meds left, so I set out to find an endocrinologist first. Last week, I…

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Shallow – NOT!

via Daily Prompt: Shallow My 15 year old daughter asked me if god was punishing her by giving her a period twice in one month. She seemed very sincere in her ask., so I responded by asking what she had done that god would need to punish her for. She had a small accident in... Continue Reading →

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