Sun and Moon.. what u mean to me

I think the pictures say it all.


First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Hello Friends!  I was looking thru my pictures and realized I have so many of one of the cutest little faces that I love - Wanted to share.  I listened to "The First Time I saw Your Face" as I wrote this. The rush of endorphins you feel when you experience love can be powerful,... Continue Reading →

Country Roads.. West Virginia

This morning was too much.  Woke to birds singing, sunny skies, and a Starbucks coffee and fresh bagels on the counter of the kitchen, our names carefully placed with a sticky note on each container in the order of the list we had left on the counter the night before.  It's just to much ..... Continue Reading →

Day Six – Sound of Silence

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified personal trainer just a gal who has spent a lot of time over the last 35+ years in the gym. If you don't get why, then the content below might seem goofy. Rest - I am taking a longs girls weekend with no plans for formal gym.  So I... Continue Reading →

I ♥♥♥ Heart Charleston SC

My oldest son who is in the Navy is currently stationed just outside Charleston SC, a city I knew very little about short of the mentions in one of my favorite movies "Gone with the Wind." So visiting him for a long weekend recently, I was not only excited to see him but was excited... Continue Reading →

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