Getting out of the Box

Everything we do in life involves a choice. White or wheat, left or right, get up or stay in bed.  Our days are full of choices,  and most we make out of habit.  We tend to pay more attention to our choices when we are challenged, sometimes on multiple fronts, or facing problems.  When this... Continue Reading →


Morning walk with intention

Most mornings I take a walk on the country road I live on. Some days I have to drag myself out of the house; I know that my day will be better with a little morning wake up jog but that doesn’t always seem apparent when your body and or mind are screaming to stay... Continue Reading →

Creating Synergy for Innovation

One hit wonders, they happen in music, art, cars, and business. All it takes is a good idea, some hard work, sufficient resources, and a little bit of luck. You need to develop skills to sustain innovation.  I work in an environment that requires creative outside the box thinking to push the boundaries everyday.  I... Continue Reading →

Point of View

Having coffee with friends this morning we started discussing family relationships and the expectation that 'family is forever' versus the realities each one of us had experienced in our own lives.  Each of the people in the conversation had a family member that no longer associated with the main family group as a whole. We... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Trace

via Daily Prompt: Trace 20 Ways to Save More than a Trace of Money each Month The road of life includes speed bumps... health, career, relationships, and family troubles.  Hitting a financial speed bump can be scary and can quickly seem out of your control in a world were credit is readily available and buying a... Continue Reading →

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